Welcome to The Food Loft

We started The Food Loft Coworking Space in Boston almost 3 years ago, with the hopes that it would be a hub for Boston food innovation and entrepreneurship. At the time, the city lacked a lot of resources for founders working in vertically-oriented ecosystems (food being one of the biggest). We envisioned that the Loft would be a place for startups and small companies to expand their networks, tackle challenging business problems and drive solutions that would define the future of food.

Three years later, the food innovation scene in Boston is much different than it was. There are more and more communities and organizations catering to food and foodtech startups. And, investors are stepping up to finance innovation across CPG, hardware and software companies. All of this is fueling a renaissance in food startups, and The Food Loft is playing a key role in advancing those opportunities.

Today, The Food Loft is a community of food, foodtech and media startups and small companies. We cater to teams just starting out, as well as those expanding to their next phase. And, true to when we first started, we do believe (and have seen) that there are tangible and intangible benefits to uniting the community of food entrepreneurs in Boston and across Massachusetts.  

Our newly launched blog is meant to provide helpful insights, tips and trends to founders, investors and innovators in the food and foodtech arena. While these posts only represent our worldview on the topics we cover, we hope they offer helpful perspectives on issues of pitching, fundraising, networking, team growth and management, market impact and more. We’ve been operators in the food content and media space for over 35 years, and have been investing in and advising foodtech companies for almost 10 years. We bring that experience and operational expertise to bear in the information we share with the community.

If you have any ideas for content you’d like to see covered, questions about food and foodtech startups (or just want to connect), email us! You can reach out to our awesome Community Manager, Casey at casey(at)thefoodloft(dot)com, or to me directly at adam(at)thefoodloft(dot)com.