The Boston Food Map: A Guide to the Food Community in Boston

When I decided to focus my career around food, I knew I had to narrow down my search to something more specific than “food.” “Food” means a lot of things here in Boston – there are incredible restaurant owners getting nominated for James Beard Awards, new foodtech and agtech companies getting more and more media attention, companies making food replacements you see all over Whole Foods. I wanted a full view of everything that was happening so that I could narrow down what I wanted to go after.

My Google searches didn’t get me very far.

There was no easy way find a broad look  at food companies in Boston. has information about restaurants and chefs, has farmer’s markets and food trucks. But what about innovative food startups? Or food investment funds with portfolios I could creep on? This kind of information was much harder to find.

I ditched the internet and started meeting with people working in the food world. I spoke with restaurant owners, food investors, food justice advocates, bakers, and product companies, among others. They all shared names of others they thought were doing impactful work in food.

This research eventually led me to The Food Loft, where I’ve continued learning about what’s happening in food and foodtech in Boston. There is so much, far more than I ever knew. It became clear that we needed a way to show off this vibrant food community. With that in mind, we’re pleased to share the Boston Food Map, an interactive guide of the food companies and organizations that make our food scene in Boston the fertile ground it has become.

The categories we have so far include:

  • Food Companies
  • Foodtech Companies
  • Notable Retail & Restaurants (places doing something unique from what we’re used to)
  • Agriculture & Agtech
  • Food Nonprofits & Education
  • Food Investors
  • Community Kitchens & Coworking Spaces
  • Classes
  • Food Media

Have a look here. If you click the sidebar icon in the top left you can filter between a number of different categories of food.

If you check this out, I have one favor to ask: if you were hoping to see a category that isn’t on there, or there’s a cool company I missed, please ping me on our live chat or send me an email at I want to make sure this is as helpful a resource as possible!