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Current & Future Trends in Tech & Innovation ($)


Current & Future Trends in Tech & Innovation

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Each year, various analyst firms publish reports of key technology trends that drive business decisions and implementations – from digital transformation and blockchainto artificial intelligence and automated cars. The panel will explore opposites and combinations of various technologies. Are cloud computing and blockchain at odds with each other or are they complementary? Understanding these trends are key for entrepreneurs and start-ups as they build and launch new products as well as scale their business.



This panel of experts will review the 2018 trends and share their experience on how you too could leverage trends and emerging technologies to build and scale your business.

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6:30-7:00 Networking, Food and Drink

7:00-7:45 Panel Discussion on Future Trends

7:45-8:30 More Networking


We are an inclusive, collaborative organization.Entrepreneurship of today is built on collaboration and inclusivity. As more and more founders realize that we benefit much more from working together and celebrating differences, the ecosystems evolve. The world is becoming more globalized and interconnected, which means, more than ever, it's critical for us to be inclusive, diverse and collaborative.

Statement on Diversity

Diversity means men, women, the young, the old, people of different racial backgrounds, religions, and sexual preferences, people with disabilities and virtually anyone who may be excluded for being fundamentally the person they are. We can learn from others. As long as someone wants to be included in the community, we welcome them.

The South Shore is becoming more diverse, as people from all walks of life from within Boston spread southward and people from other areas bypass the city and move into the suburban areas.

To better understand the importance of diversity and to celebrate an inclusive innovation community, we are hosting a panel discussion and networking event to explore entrepreneurial challenges, obstacles and success stories.

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Whoever you are, you are welcome, including:

  • an entrepreneur
  • someone working at a startup
  • someone with an idea
  • a friend of a startup
  • someone creative to do things differently
  • someone curious to discover and learn
  • someone determined to make a difference

Startups are a lot of hard work. Let's get together to make it easier through collaboration and openness.